Mindfulness and Embroidery
mindfulness flamingo embroidery kit

Mindfulness and Embroidery

Mindfulness and meditation might seem like they are the buzz words of the moment, but it wasn’t until recently when I regularly started hearing these words that I realised I had already been practicing mindfulness. On the train to work I would always look out of the window and notice the changing seasons. I noticed what people wore, the same seats that they would sit in every day, a change in their hairstyle, while most of them never even looked up from their phones or newspapers. I remember as a child noticing the first leaf buds as we entered spring and sitting on the beach watching the waves roll up onto the sand (I would sit there for hours), all the time being mindful and totally absorbed in the world around me.

Mindfulness is a form of meditation and for some people can seem very daunting. It really shouldn’t be, as at it’s core it is about focusing on what you are doing in the present moment, thus helping to slow down the mind and de-stress. There are many ways to practise, yoga being one of the main, but embroidery can also be a wonderful way of focusing the mind and de-stressing. Focusing on the sound the thread makes as it pulls through the tightened fabric, the feel of the thread between your fingers, the position of your needle. These are all wonderful small moments to enjoy, rather than focusing on the end result and rushing to get your embroidery finished.

Another wonderful benefit that mindfulness can help cultivate is creativity, which has been something that has recently developed for me. I used to find my brain would run at 100 miles an hour, usually with very little rest throughout the day, but by regurlarly practicing mindfulness I have been able to slow it down and on occasions even empty my mind which creates space for new creative ideas to come forward and develop, something that all of us creatives will relish and appreciate.

That is why I have taken the time to design a small range of kits that are for this very purpose, to slow you down a bit and take some time out for yourself and learn to be in the moment. Each design focuses on a variety of simple stitches such as chain stitch, French Knots, Stem stitch among others, so it is perfect for the complete beginner. The stitches are repetitive so that you can build a rhythm and also gain confidence in your ability. Each kit contains all the threads and fabric you require along with detailed instructions on how to work each stitch. I have also included some more information on mindfulness and a little practise you can work through as you start on your journey.

This fun flamingo design is the first in the series, click HERE to buy.

mindfulness flamingo embroidery kit
Mindfulness flamingo embroidery kit

Happy stitching


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  1. Jen

    This is a great post! I think I feel myself becoming more mindful the older I get. I just love the sound of needle and thread as it is being pulled through fabric, even more so on Sarah Homfray’s YouTube stitch videos as the sound is amplified by her microphone. I think that along with rain and windscreen wipers are some of my favourite sounds 🙂

    1. sara meanwell

      Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed reading it. Yes the sound Sarah has on her videos is just perfect. That’s also a sign of a wonderfully tight frame.

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