Deep Dive Into Goldwork – Tuesday Evening


Have you ever wanted an in depth course on goldwork? A course where you could start with the basics, perfect your skills and then develop them even further whilst learning a broad range of goldwork techniques? Or perhaps you have never tried goldwork before and want to learn everything there is to know about all the different gold threads, stitches and techniques? Well, this brand new online course, a deep dive into goldwork, spanning three terms, might just be the answer you have been looking for. This is your opportunity to explore a huge range of goldwork techniques and the materials used while gaining skill and confidence in this wonderful technique.

Each week you will join me for a live, online course where I will demonstrate a variety of goldwork and padding techniques, allowing time for you to practice the stitches in class. The course will cover all the goldwork basics and essentials, right through to the more advanced techniques. By the end of the three terms you will have created a sampler of goldwork stitches which will serve as the ideal resource and reference for future designs.



A new, live, online class which explores in great detail the techniques of goldwork. Broken down into manageable 2 hour, weekly lessons you will cover the very basics of goldwork through to the more complicated techniques, creating a goldwork sampler which can act as a reference for future designs. This is the most thorough and comprehensive, technical exploration of goldwork you will find. Each stitch will be demonstrated live in class along with variations of the stitch and the opportunity to troubleshoot problems you may face with that particular stitch. You will also have time in class to practice the stitch, share your progress, ask questions and get that all important feedback on how you can improve for next time.

The classes will take place every Tuesday at 7.30pm UK time and will run over the course of three terms, with each term progressing in difficulty. If you can’t make a class then don’t worry as each session is recorded and shared after the lesson.

This class is aimed at anyone who is interested in really learning the technical aspects of goldwork. Beginners and more experienced stitchers are all welcome.

Below is a brief outline of what will be covered in each term.


Term 1; In term 1 you will really get a solid grasp of some of the most common goldwork techniques used, developing good habits and gaining a solid technical foundation so you can develop your skills further in the following two terms.

  • How to prepare your fabrics ready for goldwork and how to transfer your design.
  • The two most common padding techniques used in goldwork and how to ensure they lay smooth, firm and even.
  • Couching – how to stitch multiple rows, turn corners, circles, plunging straight and angled rows and tying back the ends.
  • Pearl purl – how to work straight and curved lines, turn at a point and join the ends.
  • Chipping – solid, scattered and looped.
  • Cutwork – how to work it straight and at an angle whilst maintaining good coverage, limiting cracks and the best method for unpicking if you do make a mistake.


Term 2; With the foundations in place from term 1, in term 2 you will start to explore a wider variety of goldwork and padding techniques and start to gain a better understanding of how these techniques might be combined to create various effects.

  • Carpet felt, string and card padding.
  • How to apply twist using two different methods.
  • Plate – flat and over various padding techniques.
  • S-ing and S-ing with spangles.
  • Basketweave couching – how to ensure your rows sit next to one another without leaving gaps.
  • Or nue.
  • Overstretched Pearl purl and alternative methods to working with Passing.


Term 3; With a huge variety of goldwork techniques covered in terms 1 and 2, term 3 will be focused on some of the more unusual and experimental goldwork techniques and you will learn how to combine a variety of techniques as seen in professional designs.

  • Long and short – How to cover a larger area using purls.
  • Couching over card padding.
  • Burden stitch with Purl – over a variety of different padding techniques.
  • Exploration of trellis patterns and the best gold threads and wires to use for them.
  • Cutwork leaves and wheatears as seen in traditional coronation robes.
  • How to incorporate goldwork in to three dimensional embroidery techniques.



  • You will join me, Sara Rickards for a live, online zoom class where I will demonstrate step by step each stitch, with time allowed after for you to have a go yourself. During the class you will be able to ask questions and share with me your progress and I will share with you all my best tips to help you achieve great results.
  • There are three terms with x10, two hour classes every Tuesday from 7.30pm UK time.
  • Dates are as follows; Term 1 – October 5th through to December 14th with a break on the 9th November. Term 2 – January 18th through to March 29th with a break on the 22nd February. Term 3 – April 26th through to 5th July with a break on the 31st May.
  • Classes are limited in size with a maximum of 15 students per class.
  • Classes can be booked on a term by term basis but a discount is already applied if you book all three terms.
  • Term 2 and 3 will be available to book nearer the time.
  • You will need internet access to complete this course.
  • You will also need WhatsApp to share images of your progress with me so I can give you feedback. N.B – this is helpful but not essential.
  • You have the option to purchase a materials pack which will supply all the threads and fabric required for that term, or alternatively you can use materials you may already have.
  • A list of tools, materials (if you haven’t purchased the materials pack) and equipment will be provided.
  • Access to Well Embroidered Stitching Support group on Facebook or you can email any questions you may have.

Additional information



How will the online class be delivered?
The class will be hosted via zoom. A link will be emailed 48 hours before the class enabling you to join. It is helpful if you set up a zoom account before the class is scheduled start so that you are not late to the class. It is therefore imperative that the correct email address is supplied at the time of ordering.

Can I complete this project if I am new to goldwork? What level do I need to be?
Yes, this is great for those of you that have never tried goldwork before and would like to learn a selection of the most fundamental goldwork techniques. It is helpful but not essential if you have some basic embroidery knowledge.

Is this course suitable for those with more experience in goldwork?
Absolutely yes, this is a 60 hour course packed with helpful hints and tips that starts with getting the basics right and then develops your skills further so you can tackle all the more advanced goldwork techniques.

What is the Well Embroidered Stitching Support group?
I have set up a stitching support group on Facebook for anyone that has purchased a kit and/or the distance learning course. In this group you can share your work, ask questions and get feedback. I will be on hand to answer any questions you may have as well. This will for the most part replace the online email support I currently offer so all students can benefit from the help and support I provide. If you are not on Facebook then you can continue to email in your questions should you have any.

Who teaches the class?
All tuition is provided by Sara Rickards, owner of Well Embroidered. Sara studied at the Royal School of Needlework, completing the apprenticeship with distinction in 2006. Sara has worked for some of the top names in the fashion industry, such as Ben De Lisi, Jenny Packham, Julien Macdonald and Vera Wang. Sara is a regular tutor at the Royal School of Needlework, teaching on the Certificate and Diploma programme and day classes. Sara has also taught many times in the US and is currently writing a book on fashion embroidery.

Is it ok to use my own materials?
Yes, of course. If you have a stash of gold threads that you would like to use for the classes then please feel free. A materials list will be sent out before the class so that anything you don't have you can order.

When will materials (if ordered) and equipment lists be sent out?
All materials (if ordered) and equipment lists will be sent out six weeks before the start of the first lesson, allowing plenty of time for delivery and for you to order all the materials/equipment you need.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch. or use the contact page.


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