Tambour Embroidery Set includes x3 Hooks


Tambour holder with three hooks in sizes 70 (fine), 90 (medium) and 120 (large). Includes instructions on how to set the Tambour hook and holder up.

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A Tambour Hook is used to embellish fabric with beads and sequins in rows or to create a decorative chain stitch. Tambour Beading is widely used in the fashion industry as once mastered this technique produces fast results. Tambour Beading is worked on the reverse of the fabric. If you are just starting out with Tambour Beading I would suggest using an organza so that you can see what your hands are doing underneath. Fabric must be placed in a hoop or slate frame so that the fabric is taut. I would advise you also to cut the wide part of the hook off with pliers as using a shorter hook gives you more accuracy.