Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Tailored embroidery lessons to your exact needs…..

I would love to welcome you to my relaxing, home studio, based in St.Albans, Hertfordshire, where each month I open up a handful of spaces for private lessons on Monday’s and Wednesday’s.

Embroidery encompasses many techniques, there’s Goldwork, Crewelwork, Silk shading, Tambour beading, Appliqué and Canvas to name just a few and I would love to teach you what you want to learn.

Are you a total beginner?

That is absolutely fine. I have an arsenal of tips and tricks to help you achieve the most beautiful embroidery. From how to thread a needle, to starting and finishing the thread, I will help you tackle the very basics as we start to develop your embroidery skills together. You won’t believe how a few simple tips will help you achieve great results with your embroidery that you never thought possible.

Are you a little more advanced and want to develop new skills?

Then that is absolutely fine too. Maybe you want to learn a new technique such as Goldwork or develop your own designs that you can bring to life through the art of embroidery? We can work through the design process, colour and stitch placement within a design so you can create a really beautiful piece of embroidery.

So what can I expect from the lesson?

Everyone’s experience will be slightly different depending on what you wish to learn and your skill level. For those of you that are beginners and have no idea where to start, I have a variety of designs that you can work from that will encompass a basic range of stitches such as stem stitch, French knots, chain stitch and fly stitch among others.

If you are a little more advanced then I have a range of designs for you to have a go at that include a wide variety of techniques such as Goldwork, Stumpwork and Whitework to name just a few.

Of course whatever level you are at, we can also work on your own designs.

What you will receive is first class tuition tailored to your needs, a wealth of knowledge that is broken down into manageable processes whilst learning in a relaxed and friendly environment. Oh and of course tea & biscuits! (I live on tea and biscuits).

Lessons are booked in 3 hour time slots (morning or afternoon) or they can be 5 hours if you would like the whole day.

What do I need to bring?

If you are working on your own project then obviously please bring that and the materials you are using. If you have your own equipment then you can bring this as well however I do have everything here for you to borrow should you wish. This can be discussed in more detail beforehand.

How do I book?

Head over HERE to start the conversation and tell me exactly what you would like to learn.

private embroidery lesson
Your chance to learn all the secret hints and tips to create a stunning embroidery of your own.